Begijnhoeve breeds, trains and sells young talented dressage horses.

Horses - Begijnhoeve

The horses are of utmost importance at our farm. Our stables are divided into separate units, this allows our horses to have adequate rest for maintaining their health at optimal level. More info…

Studfarm - Begijnhoeve

The stud farm has 42 stalls for sport horses, 6 rearing pens and various groom and wash stalls. There are sufficient arrangements in the stables for the safety of our horses. More info…

Breeding - Begijnhoeve

Our farm is equipped with the state of the art facilities. This helps us in maintaining very high standards in what we do and provide best quality products to our customers. More info…

Studfarm de Begijnhoeve

Dressage Horses
Heros Begijnhoeve
Vivaldi X Havidoff
Genesis Begijnhoeve

Jazz X Silvano

If you have any questions regarding horses for sale, our facilities or our horses please get in contact with us.

What we do is totally passion driven. We love creating a marriage between sports and breeding. Take a look at our team and get to know us!