Building a new Begijnhoeve

The moment the old stables of Begijnhoeve were sold, we started our search for a new location. We wanted to build a new Begijnhoeve, a top-class European center for dressage with facilities for breeding as well as coaching and care. We found a perfect location and in spring 2019 construction work started. The opening of the new Begijnhoeve is scheduled for august 2020. Until then we have found shelter with dressage stable Arjen Teeuwissen together with the horses of John Tijssen Sporthorses.

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Rob van Puijenbroek & Tommie Visser.

Our temporary address
Stal Teeuwissen
Antwerpseweg 132, 2340 Vlimmeren
+32 491 733 456 / +31 6 83 97 44 31