Stud farm

Stud Farm de Begijnhoeve

Since 2011 The Begijnhoeve is a stud farm with a particularly high-quality finish; everything is aimed at stabling the horses in the best possible conditions. The stud farm breeds and sells high-quality dressage horses. The beautiful complex is located in Retie Belgium and is 45 minutes by car from Antwerp and half an hour from Eindhoven.

The future goal of our facility is to create an integration between sports and breeding. With the performance at sports we will be able to identify weaknesses and strengths of the horses and then a purposefull selection can be made for breeding. Embryo transplant technique is used for breeding. There are only a few horses we can hold for our own sport so eventually almost all horses will be sold.

The complex comprises a total of 8.5 ha and is further divided into sports fields and fields for the young horses, all of which are sheltered. Between the fields lies a long lane surrounded by linden trees where you can walk or gallop with the horses.

The 20 x 60 outside arena is surrounded by a talud. In addition to the outdoor area, there is also an ‘observation pavilion’ which serves as a coffee and reception area.

In the center of our facility lays the 20 x 60 indoor arena which is completely insulated and gives you a pleasant ride, both in summer and winter. Through the Kuub footing and an indoor 6-horse walker, we can train our horses optimally on daily basis. The train mill is provided with a rubber floor with a layer of sand so that the horses do not slide out.

Our facility also has 42 stalls for sport horses, 6 rearing pens and various grooming areas. Our horses are well rested because stables are divided into different units. The stables are also fitted with rubber walls for the safety of our horses.

We have a covered area  specially for lunging the horsesThere are eight paddocks which are used to let the horses play and enjoy the outside air.

Indoor riding school 20 x 60 m
43 luxurious stables
Outdoor Arena
8 paddocks


For more image of our accommodation, please view our gallery.

If you have any questions regarding horses for sale, our facilities or our horses please get in contact with us.